Romania Travel Diary 2018 (part 1)

Actually I did not plan on writing a travel diary because I have a very special connection to Romania. I travel to Romania when I want to refill my energy and I also wanted to meditate on some things that are now going on in my life. I also took a break from social media so it was kind of nice to just push the button of the camera without any thoughts if it will look great. Since I was a child I have visited my granny. I have some really wonderful memories of my granny and the time at her house – I like to think back and remember all the adventures I went on. Anyway! As a child I was not able to appreciate this city and its nature like an adult now and every time I fall in love again. Most of the time I spent in nature and I loved the cold fresh air.

Romania blgp.jpg



I am aware that it is winter and that is exactly why I chose to visit an open air museum. It was very very cold and at the end of the day I was not able to feel my nose neither my fingers but it was worth it because it was THE perfect day for this visit. The sun was slowly going down and there is this special kind of magic in the air when everything is covered with snow. What can you explore in this museum? Short answer is: The past. It is like time stood still. If you want to know more : our best friend Wikipedia



ro blp.jpg

My goal was to arrive to a beautiful windmill, I do not know about you but there is something about windmills that gives me a peaceful feeling. When you enter the museum the windmill is on the other side, so it is posible to see it the whole time from far. The place was devoid of people and I really enjoyed the peacefull silent.




I hope you find this place as interesting as me. Next week I will write the second part of this blog post and finally show you the beautiful windmill.

Thank you for reading and let me konw what you think.

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