How I wear my hair at the beach

Summer is here and I have one more day of work and then my vacation starts and I am so happy 🙂 I really need this break from work and everything. I am also happy because I have more time for blogging and doing all those things I love …

Today I want to show you one hairstyle which I always wear to the beach. There is nothing more annoying to me then a ponytail or a bun. Why? It always gets in the way when I lay on the beach chair. It is not comfortable at all and it does not work for me! This is why I LOVE this simple updo hairstyle. You will be surprised how easy it is and you only need 3 hair ties. Besides it looks chic and people will think you put a lot of effort into styling your hair 😉



I used my fingers to separate my hair an create a hole above my hairtie than I pushed the ponytail all the way through the hole ( inwards ). Start a little bit higher with this first loop because we want 3 of them! ( it looks also better with curled or wavy hair)



Normally I would pull on some hair strings to make the hair messy but I would not recommend doing it if you go to the beach because it will get naturally messy throughout the day from lying on the beach chair and swimming 🙂





So let me know if you like this hairstyle! Are you wearing your hair up or down in summer?


2 thoughts on “How I wear my hair at the beach

  1. Nice style! i will definitely try this one out:) i am always looking for nice new version on how I can style my hair 🙂 I mostly wear it up in summer, my hair is long and far too warm 😀

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