Redecorating my bedroom project (inspiration) #2

See the surprising color
scheme that I chose for the decoration
and how I am going to arrange and organize
my desk.

As I wrote in my previous blog post, I want
to keep my desk simple and as clean as
interiortastic gave me an amazing idea.
A wall grid for hanging notes or
inspirations over the desk.
I love this idea so much because an
amazing picture or quote can inspire me.
I can switch the pictures , which
is nice because it is not like a picture
on the wall. If they are hanging you can not
easily replace them.
Well at least for me it is too much
work and I know I won´t take the time
and leave it like that for a very long time.
Yes, I am a practical girl and this is
how I roll 😉
af0e9b96683025c0d4f58521363a8424.jpg ef53a0f4f5c1641d3a458d62aabe752b.jpg f77cf650386ae6f8ce8adf6553ffe02d.jpg ea5e8967aa275a5e2cfafe1a295f7ff8.jpg

Green is the color that I chose for the
decoration. I would also love to
set some accents with some golden pieces.
I really think it complements the green.
I actually have a similar sideboard
like in the picture bellow. 05967acd5f1a36e2327e6e3cff1be349.jpg 5a32c132ef3ac6debfda2a58cafd6f99.jpg e7de52995650cc6e7f0c9d26682dca3c.jpg ad28a509922c6c473bed9c0da935cec8.jpgfa0e1fe8a7357d65963739dce136f3cc.jpg

7fa738c01d64e22b58f26076e5af250d (1).jpg

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with me and leave a comment.

(This are not my photos! They are for inspiration
and from pinterest)


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