Redecorating my bedroom project (inspiration) #1

I am planing on redecorating my bedroom.
This idea started with the need of an
office space. Besides working I am also a
student at the university in Vienna so I
need a place where I can focus.
I live in an apartment which has one
living room and a bedroom. There is no extra office
room so I have to improvise.
I could study in the living room at the
kitchen table but I do not
know why I can not concentrate there.
Actually I do not have space for a desk in my
bedroom so I decided to replace my
vanity with a desk.
Ouch that hurts a little but
a girl has to set priorities šŸ˜€
But the pain in my heart vanished quickly when
I saw pictures of office spaces on pinterest.
This is how I am planing on arranging my
little office space in my bedroom:

This is the desk I chose, it is from ikea
as most of my furniture.
I think I will keep it simple and minimalist.

The desk will be next to the bed so it can
also function as a nightstand.

There are still some things I am not sure
how I want them to be.
Like: paint the walls?, decoration,
do I want to add a carpet?
If you want to stay updated make sure to follow me šŸ™‚
If you have an idea feel free to share it
with me and leave a comment.

(This are not my photos! They are for inspiration and from pinterest)


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