Two last minute Valentine´s day ideas

dsc_1200Happy valentine´s day everyone!


Do not forget that this day is about love. Real love is not based on romance
so you can celebrate this day with your mom, best friend or with yourself.

If you are a last minute person like I am or you want to surprise the
person you are going to spend this day with – I have two ideas for you.
By the way I am convinced that the way to the heart is through the stomach.

tomato mozzarella salad
It is simple, fast and it looks like you put a lot of effort in it.
I bought beef tomatoes because they are
my favorite. Any kind of tomato
goes with this recipe.
For the heart shaped mozzarella I used a cookie cutter.
I seasoned everything with dried basil, oregano and sprinkled balsamic
over it.



vanilla cake

This is a cake my mum always made for us.
It tastes so good and you do not need amazing baking skills.
You only have to make the pudding.
I bought the cake base from the store. Of course you can make it yourself
but if you are running late, it is a nice option.
So I made the pudding and while I waited for it to cool down a little,
I stired so it does not harden.
Then I poured the pudding over the cake and topped it with some
It tastes even better with strawberries!

I wish you all a wonderful valentine´s day!

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